1.1 Objective

To provide caregiver training and create a skilled workforce to support high need persons with
Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities, their families and institutions (hospitals, schools, NGOs etc.).

1.2 Scheme Description

This scheme aims at setting up Caregiver Cells (CGCs) to provide training and create a skilled
workforce of caregivers to provide adequate and nurturing care for Person with Disabilities (PwD)
and their families who require it.It also seeks to provide parents an opportunity to get trained in caregiving if they so desire. This scheme will provide a choice of training through two levels of courses to allow it to create caregivers suited to work both with families of persons with Disabilities.(PwDs) and other institutions catering to the needs of the PwDs (NGOs, work centres etc.). The details of the schemes are as follows:

Primary Training


The primary training is a three month course expected to train candidates in basic caregiver skills.
Primary compulsory modules need to cover orientation to areas such as autism, cerebral palsy,
mental retardation, multiple disabilities, family needs, health, nutrition, basic management in activities
of daily living, assistive devices and barrier free environment, orientation and mobility sensory
motor stimulation. It will also include training in administering first aid care.

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