1.1 Objective

Prerna is the marketing scheme of the National Trust with an objective to create viable and
widespread channels for sale of products and services produced by Person with disability (PwD) covered under the National Trust Act.

1.2 Scheme Description

This scheme aims at providing funds to participate in events such as exhibitions, melas, fairs, etc.
to sell the products made by PwDs. The scheme also provides an incentive to the Registered
Organisation(RO) based on the sales turnover of the products made by PwDs.

I. Support for participation in events

The National Trust shall fund RO participation in national, regional, state and district level
events such as fairs, exhibitions, melas etc. for marketing and selling products prepared and
services rendered by PwDs. However, at least 51% of employees of these work centres should
be PwDs with disabilities covered under the National Trust Act.
RO shall submit the proposal for each of the events in which it would want to participate as
per the processes mentioned subsequently in this process. This scheme would not include
any permanent stalls allotted to the National Trust.
The National Trust shall also fund (up to INR 10,000 in a year) RO if they have prepared and
distributed brochures in any event.

II. Incentive on Sales turnover

The National Trust shall also provide an incentive to RO against the sale of products and
services prepared by PwDs on an annual basis after verification by any one of the follwing
namely District Collector (DC) or District Magistrate (DM) or Local Level Committee (LLC)
or Social Welfare officer.
RO have to ensure that major part of the incentive should be distributed to PwDs or used for
the betterment of PwD like improving their skills and taking measures to improve their
productivity etc. Please note that the National Trust will not ask for the details or proof of
utilization of the incentive.

III. Validity of Scheme Enrolment

Scheme enrolment shall be valid only for the concerned Financial Year. Once, current financial
year is over, RO should enrol again in Prerna scheme to avail benefits of the scheme.

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