Online Disability Certificate Process

Online Disability Certificate Process

Under the Right of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, 21 disabilities are covered. The 21 disabilities are given below:-

1.Blindness 2. Low-vision 3. Leprosy Cured persons 4. Hearing Impairment (deaf and hard of hearing) 5.Locomotor Disability 6. Dwarfism 7. Intellectual Disability 8. Mental Illness 9. Autism Spectrum Disorder 10.Cerebral Palsy 11. Muscular Dystrophy 12. Chronic Neurological conditions 13. Specific Learning Disabilities 14. Multiple Sclerosis 15. Speech and Language disability 16. Thalassemia 17. Hemophilia 18. Sickle Cell disease 19. Multiple Disabilities including deaf blindness 20. Acid Attack victim 21. Parkinson’s disease.

To get the disability certificate (PWD/Guardian), following steps should be followed:

  1. The person can register online and apply for the Unique Disability Identity Card/Disability
    Certificate through the following link :
  2. Fill the information required for the card and press ‘Next’.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the next screen.
  4. Submit the application.
  5. Print application form and receipt.
  6. In the final receipt, mention the name of the specialist, name of the hospital, hospital address
    and type of disability.
  7. The parent has to visit the concerned hospital and meet the Head Clerk Department.
  8. The Head Clerk Department will verify the application and guide the parent to the OPD.
  9. Parents/PWD/Guardians have to visit the given OPD for the disability assessment.
  10. After the assessment is complete, the Unique Disability Identity Card will be generated.
    The process of getting the disability certificate will take 2 months

Additional Information about certificate and UDID Card:

The card is issued by hospitals like LTMG, Sion Hospital, Nair Hospital, KEM Hospital, Rajawadi
Hospital and Cooper hospital.

For PWD with a deaf and mute disability an audiogram assessment is to be conducted from Ali
Yavar Jung Institute and Nair Hospital and is to be registered on

The assessment of PWD will be done only on the assessment date mentioned on the receipt.

  1. For IQ assessment, a request letter has to be submitted, an OPD case paper has to be taken.
  2. No multiple disability certificates are provided. For e.g., if your child has a visual as well as a
    physical disability, click on both relevant checkboxes while registering on the website.
  3. A Demo online form is also available on the website, to see what information is required in

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