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There would be TWO categories of membership. The qualifications and criteria for the two categories are as follows:

Category A: Life members with voting rights or eligibility for EB position. These applicants MUST be practising in India AND should have ANY of the following qualification:

  • DM in Pediatric Neurology
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology of at least 2 years
  • MD/DNB Pediatrics AND DM Neurology
  • MD/DNB Pediatrics with International DM equivalent training likeCCT/US/Canadian/Australian board certified for a minimum duration of 2 years

Category B: Life members without voting rights or rights for EB position

  • Same qualifications as above but not practicing in India
  • Pediatricians with special interest in Pediatric Neurology
  • Developmental Pediatricians
  • MD in rehabilitation  medicine
  • Students who are pursuing DM Pediatric Neurology or pediatric neurology fellowship. They can be converted to life members category A on completion of their degree

Recommendation for membership: Application for new membership should be proposed by a life member of AOCN