Legal Guardianship

Legal Guardianship

Under National Trust Act 1999

• A guardian is a person who is appointed to look after another person or his property.
• The guardian takes all legal decisions on behalf of the person and the property of the ward.
• Under section 14 of the National Trust Act, the Local Level Committee headed by the District
Collector is empowered to receive application in Form A under Rule 16(1) & appoint guardians
in Form B under Rule 16(2) for persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation &
Multiple Disabilities.
• PWD Age Should complete 18 Years
• Three types of guardianship 1) Natural Guardian 2) Court Appointed Guardian 3) Testamentary

Who can apply for Legal guardianship

Section 11 of the National Trust Regulations, 2001 lists the following types of Persons/Parties can apply
for guardianship.

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