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Welcome to AOCN Webacademy, an academic endeavour by Association Of Child Neurology, India, with the sole aim of sharing knowledge on childhood neurological disorders among Pediatric Neurologists, Pediatricians and allied Professionals involved in the care of children with neurological and developmental problems. AOCN also strives to empower the Trainees in Pediatrics and Neurology with sufficient knowledge and skills to sail through their examinations. The following lectures have been delivered by some of the best Pediatric Neurologists and Professionals in sub-specialities (Neuroradiology, Genetics etc.,). Happy learning!

Welcome to AOCN Webacademy, Season 3. The seasons 1 and 2 have been greatly appreciated by Pediatricians and Post graduates for the excellent quality of lectures. The season 3 attempts to bring updates of common pediatric neurological problems, including management of Neurotuberculosis, Neurocysticercosis, Febrile seizures and approach to Ataxia, Movement disorders etc. An exciting new addition for this season is the Quiz for Attendees during the lecture itself. It will be best if you can catch these lectures live and participate in Quiz. In case you missed, you know, you can find them here!

What’s New In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Dr. Sheffali Gulati

What’s New In Autism: Dr. Praveen Suman

Cranial Nerve Imaging: Dr. Yogeswari Deshmukh

Vascular Imaging In Stroke: Dr. Shivakanth

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS): Dr. Bejoy Thomas

Maturation and Anatomy on MRI: Dr. Yogeswari Deshmukh

Pediatric Neurocritical Care: Dr. Divakar S Mithal

What’s New In Microcephaly: Dr. PAM Kunju

What’s New In Neurocysticercosis: Dr. Pratibha Singhi

What’s New In Acute Pyogenic Meningitis: Dr. Satinder Aneja

What’s New In Febrile Seizures: Dr. Rekha Mittal

Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: Dr. Alcy R Torres

What’s New In Childhood Neurotuberculosis: Prof. Veena Kalra

Neurological Complications Of Immunization: Dr. Rakesh Bhatia

Management of Spasticity: Dr. Ronit Mesterman

Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis: Dr. Simon Harvey

Approach to Headache in Children: Dr. Rajni Farmania

Acute flaccid paralysis: Challenges and Fallacies: Dr. Vishal Sondhi

Management of Status Epilepticus in Children: Dr. Lokesh Saini

Localization in Neurology: Dr. Divyani Garg

Approach to Childhood Stroke: Dr. Ankita Paul Tiwari

Examination Of Higher Mental Function: Dr. J S Kaushik

Cranial Nerves Examination I-VI: Dr. Biswaroop Chakrabarty

Cranial Nerves Examination VII-XII: Dr. Prashant Jauhari

Motor System Examination: Dr. Gurpreet Singh Kochar

Brainstem and beyond-Genetics of Hindbrain malformations: Dr. Bejoy Thomas

Sensory, Cerebellar and Meningeal signs: Dr. Razia Adam Kadwa and Dr. Harsh Patel

Developmental Examination: Dr. Sharmila B Mukherjee

Examination of Comatose Child: Dr. Renu Suthar

The Rights to Your Work: Dr. Diptanshu