Badhte Kadam

Badhte Kadam

1.1 Objective

Badhte Kadam aims at community awareness, sensitisation, social integration and mainstreaming of
Persons with Disabilities. It has below mentioned objectives:
1) Raise awareness in the public, regarding Person with Disability (PwD) covered under the National
Trust Act and encourage their inclusion in the society, social integration and participation of persons
with disabilities in all aspects of life.
2) Disseminate information on preventive strategies for the disabilities under the National Trust Act,
3) Sensitize community stakeholders
4) Publicize and maximize benefits of the National Trust schemes for Registered Organization
(RO),PwDs and for families of PwDs.
5) Increase representation in remote areas and in areas where the National Trust is under represented
6) Spread awareness about myths and misconceptions about disability, disability etiquette etc.

1.2 Scheme Description

This scheme shall support Registered Organisations (RO) of the National Trust to carry out activities
that focus on increasing the awareness of the the National Trust disabilities.
I. Target Audience
The target audience of the scheme are:
• Public and Society
• Ecosystem

  • Government officials (including Public representative like Panchayat member, Sarpanch,
    MLA, MP)
  • Medical fraternity
  • Legal professionals
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Educational Institutes,Students, Teachers etc.
    • Families/ guardians of PwDs
    • NGOs and people of areas where The National Trust is not represented.
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